Client Testimonials


“Our project would have never happened with out Bry’s amazing ideas and attention to detail.

As a single working mom with limited time, her boards made the decision making process easy and her willingness (and deep expertise) made dealing with contractors much more efficient. And with every unexpected issue, she has worked tirelessly to make it right.

I love my “new” house. The design accomplished nearly all of my goals — more light, more functional, open concept — and was just beautiful.

We love Bry so much and will definitely use her again.”

Tara, Austin, TX

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“We engaged the services of BRY design after hearing rave reviews from friends who had hired her to remodel various rooms in their home.  Our biggest concerns for our remodel were budget and timing, as are likely the concerns of many home owners. 

Our master bathroom was in serious need of updating and after discussing our desires with Bry we knew she was the best choice for us.  She served as the project manager for our remodel which was hugely comforting to us.  She worked the schedule for all the moving parts from ordering the bathroom items to coordinating the workers throughout the whole project and it all felt so seamless.  It was remarkable what she was able to accomplish with our budget and working with our crazy hectic schedule to align perfectly with those of the workers.  Each step of the project was communicated clearly to us by Bry and our budget was always referenced and updated as we moved through each step. 

She never pressured us in our decisions and truly understood our lifestyle and family and the vibe we wanted to create in our bathroom.  We cannot say enough about the whole process and the gorgeous results of our new bathroom! We truly look forward to unwinding at the end of the day in our beautiful new bathroom. 

Bry was so wonderful to work with and we will use her services again, without a doubt.”  

Cristina & Whitney, Austin, TX


“The idea of renovating our home was so overwhelming, consequently it kept being put on hold.   When we finally decided it had to be done, the quest for a designer and contractor began.  After interviewing designers and contractors we knew we found the one after meeting with Bry.

From beginning to end, Bry was a pleasure to work with.    She was respectful of our budget, attentive to our needs and never tried to talk us into purchasing items.   In fact, when I was adamant about not keeping certain items, Bry assured me they would work just fine and look wonderful in our home.   I was reluctant, but in the end she was right.   

Bry shopped with us, always checked on shipments,  was in constant communication with our contractor to see how work was progressing.   If an issue arose, she always came up with a solution.    Bry is the consummate professional, always patient, caring and there to help.

We made the right choice by hiring Bry and are so happy with our renovation. Bry started out as our designer, but we value her friendship now most of all.”

Michael & Connie, Round Rock, TX


"I had the best experience working with Bryanne on my remodel.  There are so many things I loved about her - she didn't try to up-sell me on things I didn't really need and, in fact, talked me out of doing a couple of things I was convinced I should do. She was right! 

She has a great eye for color and space, she has contractors and contacts that are affordable, honest, and get the job done.  Through the years I've done several different big home projects, and it was never as easy as this.  From day one, Bryanne told me what to expect, and for how much, and she was always spot on.  She didn't overwhelm me with too many choices. 

She seemed to get my style and what I wanted  from our initial meeting, and she responded to any questions or concerns the same day.  I am so happy with the outcome and I couldn't recommend her any stronger.  Do it! You'll be so happy you did!"

Dinah, Round Rock, TX


"I have never worked with a designer before but I was overwhelmed by the scope of my project. I decided to try Bry design and I’m so glad I did! Working with Bry has been like a dream come true. I couldn’t be happier!

I liked Bry from our first meeting. She was very professional in defining the scope of the project and setting expectations. She had great ideas of how to solve some of my problem areas and was very good at advising me where I should spend a little more and where I could save money. I liked my home before but the rooms felt disjointed. I thought that we might have to change more than we did in order to make the spaces more cohesive and improve the flow. I was pleasantly surprised at some of the things Bry was able to work with leaving more money for the things I really wanted to change. I had also never hired a contractor before. Her expertise during the contractor interview and the construction job were really invaluable. 

I love the process Bry uses. She asked me to comment on bathroom designs, lighting, furniture, etc. Based on my likes, dislikes, and comments, she zeroed in on my tastes. She then offered me options that would work in my spaces and helped me get to final selections in a surprisingly short amount of time; yet I never felt rushed. She wanted me to LOVE every choice and I have to say I do! I highly recommend Bry design. It’s the best money you will spend on your redecorating/remodeling project!"

Andi, Austin, TX


"I am extremely happy with the beautiful and calming design Bry created for us in our living spaces.

She had the knowledge and resources to find gorgeous items that worked with what we had to create a new and fresh look to our home.

Bry was a jewel to work with. She understood what I was aiming for, patiently and professionally explained sizes, placement and differences in materials.

She never pushed or urged me to accept an idea i wasn't comfortable with and gave me time to make decisions. Bry worked diligently with my budget in mind and found some incredible deals that helped me stretch that budget.

I would highly recommend Bry and will call on her again as we update other areas of our home."

Holly, Georgetown, TX


"We have worked with designers on big projects before and we LOVED how Bry toured our house once and instinctively knew our style and how she listened to what we wanted and did not want.  

It was also great how she worked very quickly and we used an interactive web site custom to our bath remodel project and very quickly we could like or dislike ideas and exchange comments, accelerating our schedule dramatically.  

It is worth noting that Bry is a dream to work with and our dog will miss her like crazy now that our project is complete."

Terri & Ed, Austin, TX

"We quickly realized that the remodel of our master bathroom was going to require some design assistance.  Our trusted contractor recommended Bryanne Pricchett and we never looked back.  Bryanne was a delight.  She brought fresh, bold and interesting ideas to our master bathroom remodel.  

Bryanne used a variety of tools to understand what her clients desire.  The process was well managed and we very much enjoyed seeing the various options and ideas.  Bryanne was good about providing samples before final decisions were made and was always exceptionally responsive.

Our master bathroom is a showpiece.  We are delighted with the color, brightness and layout.  Thank you Bryanne."

Beth & Al, Westlake Hills, TX

"I'll start by saying I can't recommend Bry highly enough. When we began our whole home renovation, the idea of using a designer was proposed by our contractor. My husband and I thought it sounded like a luxury, not a necessity, and that we could use that money on the house. After a few trips to Home Depot, Lowes and flooring stores for ideas, we realized we were in over our head. Hiring Bry was the smartest remodeling decision and the best use of funds we made!

First of all, Bry has the sweetest personality. She is patient, energetic and eternally optimistic! She is honest and gave us the pros and cons when we were having a hard time making a decision. She is a genius when it comes to working with couples, especially when she senses there is a difference of opinion. Bry was on top of every detail and is extremely organized. Our remodel turned out better than we could have imagined. There isn't a single thing that I wish we had done differently and it's all because Bry really listened and narrowed down the choices for us. Thank you for everything Bry - we are ecstatic!!"

                  Whitney, Austin, TX

"My wife and I have worked with designers in the past and never realized what we were missing and how rewarding the results could be - until we met Bryanne.  She made the entire process easy and fun. She listens carefully and executes with precision.

Bryanne cuts through the overwhelming design choices and puts together an environment that exceeds any concept of what "home" means. Our friends and family have raved at our new interior. Bryanne is exceptional. A gem and I would recommend her without hesitation. "

Tom, Austin, TX

"Both Royce and I want to thank you for all your help. You absolutely nailed it. This project had been largely done via the Internet since we were in Guatemala. Our contractor gave limited guidance as we approached the time we needed to choose appliances, fans, tiles, countertops etc, other than " pick out something you like". There is just WAY too much out there to choose from, I like lots of it, but didn't want a schizophrenic house.

We felt you listened carefully, and given our time crunch moved swiftly to narrow the choices so we had great stuff to choose from, and could actually make a decision. You kept price really well balanced so we could splurge a little on a few special things and save a little in the areas we could easily do so. Then you found substantial savings for us in appliances and fixtures. I actually ended up spending less and getting better appliances with your choices than if Id gone with my original picks. 

Excellent communication meant everything arrived pretty much as planned, with you taking care of all the vendors, suppliers, and just one return! The look is cohesive throughout, clean, light and bright, and will look great for ages. We all love the space, I really shudder to think where we would likely have ended up if we hadn't found you! Looking forward to the next project."

Jennifer, Austin, TX

"We worked with Bryanne on every aspect of our whole-home remodel, from initial design plan, to gutting our home and adding roughly 1500sqft of space, through all material selection and installation, and finally furnishing.

Bry reimagined our space in a way we couldn’t have envisioned on our own.  Our house had some interesting quirks that were a challenge to overcome, but Bry was able to make them work with our updated design or to have them simply fade away. 

Without Bry’s project management, I would have been completely overwhelmed with the number of choices that had to me made to remodel our entire house.  Bry provided us with budget appropriate choices for each and every decision that had to be made. Bryanne was always mindful of our budget and helped us to focus our dollars on areas with the most impact.  Bry “saved us from ourselves” by not allowing us to over-spend on items when it wasn’t necessary while still delivering a fresh, warm, and inviting home that we absolutely love.   And, she was a much needed referee when my husband and I couldn’t agree. 

Bry delivered a home that exceeded our dreams.  She was a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a designer who is a true partner from start to finish."

Lynn & Aaron, Austin, TX

“I moved 2000 miles into a brand new house with virtually no furniture.  I was incredibly lucky to pick Bry design to help me make it the lovely and livable home it is today. 

This was my first experience working with a designer and Bryanne surpassed my expectations. She created a spectacular yet comfortable home for my husband and I. She is very passionate about her work, very organized, prompt, and makes one feel as if you are her only client. In other words, she is the consummate professional. 

She is also very mindful of your money and saves it wherever she can.  I found her energy level and excitement a pure pleasure to work with.  I highly recommend her services!”

Joyce, Austin, Texas

"Bry was an absolute joy to work with..  We trusted her completely with some upgrades to our house that our realtor suggested we make.  Her professional expertise paid off for us in that our house sold in one day without even being listed!  She has an incredible ability to work within a budget and a time frame and manages contractors well.  She is friendly, dependable and helped us get a big bang for our buck.  We can’t wait to use her expertise on an upcoming building project and we also plan to incorporate much of her design ideas and recommendations from the house we recently sold”.

Luis & DeeDee, Austin, Texas

“My husband and I met Bryanne over 2 yrs. ago and she came into our lives and home at a very special time...We had just been married less than a year and were eager and ready to get our home remodeled and redecorated. 

  From the moment we met Bry, we were swept away by her infectious personality, energy and enthusiasm! She is quick, perceptive, and extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of decorating. She has impeccable taste for colors and fabrics and an innate sense of knowing how to co-ordinate absolutely anything and everything in a room. And we have been so appreciative of Bry's ability to walk into any room and see what changes can be made with what we already have. She would offer us suggestions but would remain respectful of both our 'treasures' and our boundaries. Bry pays great attention to detail and is always punctual with appointments, orders, e-mails, and follow-ups.

  From start to finish with our projects, we offer our deepest thanks and praise to Bry Design!”

   Jayne & her Hero, Austin, Texas

“Bryanne Prichett of Bry Design was the designer for our downstairs renovation from late 2012 to early 2013.  Both of us are engineers by trade, and whatever side of the brain it requires to design exciting living spaces, we don’t collectively have.  

Bry worked through the fundamental elements of what we wanted our downstairs to look like, and quickly came back to us with ideas to make the vision come together.  She had a lot of creative ideas, many of which we used and were very happy with.  She worked hard with the contractor to make sure it all came together on time.  

She didn’t cling to suggestions she had.  That is, if we didn’t like a design concept, she quickly moved on to others until she found one we liked.  She finished up the renovation by helping us with decorating and fine tuning our downstairs to fit our lifestyle and tastes.  The end result is a downstairs that we love to come home to during the week and entertain guests on the weekend.  We would readily recommend Bry Design for your project.”

Barbara & Bryan, Austin , Texas

“Bryanne transformed our house into a warm and inviting home that both my husband and I love. With her help, we remodeled the main living areas including the kitchen which is now our favorite room in the house. She was able to use much of our existing footprint and furniture to create a fresh, updated, and cohesive look. Working with Bryanne was pure joy. She was by our side every step of the way.”

Her team is extremely professional, clean, and meticulous to detail . I had heard horror stories from friends who had been through remodels and was anxious in the beginning. In the end, the experience was nothing but positive. I would gladly recommend Bryanne without hesitation to anyone no matter how big or small the project. In fact, we are looking forward to and planning our next project with BRY Design.”


Cecelia, Austin, TX


“When my husband and I married, we moved into the home he had lived in for 25 years.  You may guess that it needed some updating and I, of course, needed to put my touch inside.  

Realizing we needed the help of a third party we hired and went through three interior decorators, much stress and frustration, before we found Bryanne.  What a God send she was!  She was a breath of fresh air.  She was very patient with us.  She actually listened to what we thought our vision entailed.  She took our thoughts and came back with the best solutions that just fit what we were looking to do but could not accomplish on our own. 

Plus, many other lovely suggestions that just made our house, our home.  She is amazing and extremely talented.  Bry is very easy going, vivacious, and just a doll to work with.  We only wish we had found her from the beginning of our project and life would have been smoother and would have made for a much nicer remodel experience.  

We were just very thankful to end our project working with her. We are completely overwhelmed with joy and amazed of the final results.  My husband and I highly recommend Bryanne as she was a true blessing for us.  Thank you Bry!!!”

Tracy & Jack, Austin, TX 

“Thank you for such an amazing experience!  My home finally looks and feels the way I have always wanted it to be. You performed magic by transforming a large home into a cozy one which displays impeccable style, yet appropriate good taste. In my several experiences, I have never had such satisfaction—not even close-- with the work of an interior designer. You actually listened to me and gave me what I wanted, with added style and elegance that I never imagined. Moreover, you saved me from making some decisions I would have regretted.  And thank you for saving me money along the way in connection with many of the furniture and art items that you helped me procure for the job!  I truly appreciate how closely you worked with the  general contractor as well as the subcontractors; the way you oversaw and guided them was worth the effort. 

You were a pleasure to work with, and I am grateful for every time that you responded so promptly and professionally to my questions and concerns. 

Finally, thank you for the bonus: The fair market value of my home increased more than anticipated, thanks to some of the decisions you helped me make and the quality of your work.

Please feel free to use my name as a reference as to your qualifications and abilities. You are the best.”

Marc, Austin, TX

“We have just recently finished remodeling two bathrooms.  We started with the remodel of a hall bathroom that two teenagers share, and then moved on to remodeling our master bathroom.  Talk about a huge job!!  The details of remodeling a bathroom, especially a master bathroom, can quickly get overwhelming.  The best decision my husband and I made throughout these two projects was to hire Bryanne Prichett.  She was professional, thoughtful, and insightful throughout.  She asked us what we wanted/needed and then she ran with it and delivered more than was asked for.

Bryanne is a very, very detail-oriented designer---never have I seen this level of attention to detail, nor have I ever had the pleasure of working with someone so committed to a project and the clients.  We are thrilled beyond words with the work Bryanne has done.  She thought through the entire project and designed and drafted a picture of what the end results would look like and then made it all happen.

Bryanne is honest, ethical, personableand the most efficient person I have ever worked with.  She was cost efficient from the very beginning, reining me in so we would be sure to stay within (or even under) budget.

A remodel can be stressful, but not if you have Bryanne working on your side.  You will not have to worry about a single thing---she is always one step ahead and has already taken care of potential problems before you are even aware they exist. Bryanne made the entire remodel process very enjoyable (and that’s no easy task!)  Thank you Bryanne!!”

Cindy & Max, Round Rock, TX

“Over the past years, I have employed the services of many professionals in various areas of business.  Candidly speaking, you are among the top/best in how you perform for your clients. 

It has been a real pleasure working with you.  Your professionalism ranks high among the top businesses I have dealt with.  In today’s technology-driven, fast-paced world, it seems that professional courtesy and customer satisfaction are rapidly disappearing.  However, you exemplified such focus throughout the seven months of our doing business together.

Specifically, your timeliness in follow-through/responding to your customer, your personable demeanor, your interior design knowledge, your commitment to meeting your customer’s requests, taste and changes are only a few of the many quality traits you use to meet the needs of your customer.

I enjoyed working with you and my only regret is that we have fulfilled our business contract.  I will miss our correspondences and meetings.

I appreciate you for a job well done in such a timely fashion.  Thank you!

May God bless your business and your future endeavors.”

Gail, Austin, TX

“Bry was an absolute joy to work with!  During our initial consultation, my husband and I talked about what we wanted to do.  Bry listened carefully and improved upon our ideas.  With Bry’s expert help, eye for detail and terrific design ideas, we were able to accomplish everything we wanted to do and more!  Bry’s ideas were so creative that our home became much more than we had ever imagined.  

Bry’s attention to every detail was extraordinary.  For instance, we made a change to our fireplace surround that required that the bench be replaced.  Bry searched high and low for the perfect stone slab and sent us pictures by email of her “finds” along the way.  She visited numerous stone yards until she found the perfect travertine slab.  It is beautiful and it is the perfect complement to the surround that she recommended.

Bry waded through all of the various options and whittled down the choices to those that would coordinate with all of the changes we were making and fit within our overall budget.  In addition, Bry passed on to us her designer discounts, which saved us a tremendous amount of money.

We plan to do some work in our master bathroom in the next year or so and we will definitely be calling on Bry again to help us with that project!”

From the husband . . .

“Bryanne Prichett, “Bry”, is to design what Walt Disney was to animation.   She has such a complete and unique set of talents that I suspect someone like her comes along once in a lifetime.  I personally didn’t think we needed a designer but that is because I had never worked with one as gifted as Bry.  She was able to visualize every aspect of our remodel and in each area offer suggestions that improved our original concept beyond anything we could have imagined.  Not only were her ideas practical and aesthetically pleasing but she always provided us with phase I, II & III of options to consider until we had exactly what we liked using her repertoire of tastefully chosen selections and her experience.  Finally, she more than paid for her services, providing us with enormous discounts by allowing us to purchase everything through her company.  Now that we are living in our newly transformed home I truly appreciate all the hard work and thoughtfulness that Bry provided.  I know what I had envisioned and believe me it would have been a real disappointment compared to what we now have.  I enthusiastically recommend her.  Not only is she an extraordinarily talented designer, she also has incredible people skills and was a real joy to get to know.  My thanks to you Bry!”

Annie & Dude, Austin, TX

Not long ago I put my home on the market to be sold, however I was informed by my Realtor that it was "dated" and needed to be remodeled. 

In an effort to select the right material to update my house, it was recommended by the contractor that I get an interior decorator to come in and look at the house to get some ideas.  I trusted the contractor's judgment and Bryanne Prichett was the interior designer chosen for the job. 

Bryanne proved to be a real help and a true blessing.  She was very personable, and friendly with an effervescent personality.  She was prompt; she constantly communicated with me to let me know where things stood.  She always informed me of when to expect packages to arrive.  Furthermore, she was able to pass along to me tremendous discounts on the items that were placed in my home.

 If you are in need of an excellent interior designer I highly recommend Bryanne Prichett.  She was a God send to me.”

George, Austin, Texas

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“Bry has been a great asset to my real estate business.  From help with colors, to complete remodels, her creativity has made the difference for many houses I’ve sold.  I strongly encourage you to allow her to transform your home from average to amazing.”

Andy Allen, The Andy Allen Team

“My wife had wanted to remodel our house for years. Whenever, she’d mention remodeling, I would suggest she get an interior designer.  Last summer she finally called and interviewed some. We decided on Bryanne, and we’re very glad we did. Bryanne, was wonderful throughout the process, her contractor was very good and she took our ideas and designed something better.”

“When my husband gave me the go ahead on our remodel, my first challenge was to find a designer. I went to the HGTV web site and found several designers in our area. After meeting two other designers, we met Bryanne, and right then I knew we were all going to work well together. Big learning curve for me was to let go and let someone else make the decisions. Bry made it so quick, easy and stress free. I had my choice to be involved as much as I wanted and the best part; I had my own ‘designer for the sexes’. She incorporated both of our ideas. We made most of our selections by e-mail, hardware; lighting; sectional; rugs; appliances for the kitchen & laundry room. When we needed to choose the floors and the soapstone counter tops, we did that together.

Bry always made the job fun. I had Christmas all summer long, as things arrived right in time for the crew to install.

So, if someone is looking for a designer, who stays on budget; keeps the time line; and helps you design what you want, not what the designer wants. Talks to your spouse…big job don’t you know. Terrific colorist and makes it fun, then you should hire Bryanne, We are so pleased we did.”

Tommy & Becky, Austin, Texas

“Bry is easy, innovative, and fun to work with and helped expedite our decisions regarding the remodeling of two bathrooms.  Through her contacts, Bry was also a great help in keeping material costs down and well within our budget.  We would happily use her again.”

Jerry and Betsy, Austin, Texas

“Working with Bry Design has been a very pleasing experience.  Some designers make you feel pressured to buy expensive or over-priced accessories or furnishings.  Bry Design has a low-pressure, high allure style.  Her intuitive abilities results in the look you thought was limited to design magazines but completely livable-elegant and comfortable.  Our home has truly become our dream-home, a home we love to entertain in and one of the most coveted homes on the block!”

Cyndy, Austin, Texas

“We are delighted after several bad experiences with locally prominent designers to find someone honest, easy and fun to work with who has wonderful taste and will work very hard to get just the look we hoped for and do it in an incredibly cost effective way.”

Frank, Austin, Texas

"My experience with Bry Design has been very satisfying.  My home's interior was aesthetically improved and had a much warmer feel after Bry Design's work was finished.  The new paint and faux designs made in my home were well worth the time and effort spent with Bryanne to make the changes."

David, Austin, Texas

“Working with Bry has been a very rewarding and fun experience.  Her ideas and "finds" for our office project were exactly what we were hoping to accomplish.  The great thing about Bry is that before she made any suggestions, she listened to what we wanted and how we function within the office.  

Once she really understood our needs and style, she came up with great suggestions and helped us transform our unorganized, ugly office to a beautiful "agency-like" office. (Given that both my husband and I work in the office, the task of finding a style we both like was close to impossible!)  She is amazing!"

Stephanie, Austin, Texas

"The real winners in life are the people who look at every situation with an expectation that can make it work, or make it look better, Bryanne made my house feel like my home."

Tosca, Austin, Texas

"Bry was great in educating us about the meaning of colors and taking us through a process of deciding what kind of mood and purpose we wanted each room to have. From there we worked on specific color schemes and arrangements for each room.  She was great at coordinating all the people involved and incorporating new ideas on the fly as the project pulled together.  Her enthusiastic spirit and genuine commitment to our satisfaction was a joy to experience."

Chris & Pam, Austin, Texas