The Process

    The initial consultation with you is on site (at your home) to determine the scope of the project, budget, gain insights from you by asking a lot of questions to understand your specific needs for your space.  After this initial consultation a detailed Letter of Agreement will follow within 1 week of this appointment which will include our process along with the fee structure to do the project.
    Once the Letter of Agreement is approved we get right to work on designing a plan.  We use online mood boards to show selections, get feedback and make choices for your space.  We have found it's a great way to collaborate with everyone involved. 
    We have an organic, layering process when it comes to presentation, preferring a more open dialog environment where we work off mood boards to establish where we want to go.  At any point you aren't ever going to lose control of the project/budget or have any fears about making bad decisions.  We listen throughout the project and change course where need be, so it's much more of a guided process.  On these boards, we design your palette through every single stage, from materials, furnishings, finishes, colors, millwork, etc.
    We take full advantage of today's technology.  We will work on your design via our online project management tool.  It provides you 24/7 secure access to your design boards, with product information uploads, drawings and everything that is needed for us to execute a highly detailed design effortlessly.  Our clients find this to be a valuable and efficient service, one that is a better way to work together than exclusively relying on planned appointments, which take sometimes weeks to book due to everyone's schedules.  Once we have the big pieces of the puzzle solved we are ready to begin purchasing, ordering, shipping, receiving, and inspecting...Because when something arrives broken, and it happens, we are there to take care of it for you.  We will communicate frequently throughout this process via email. 
    We will establish a trusting and professional relationship not only with you but also with your contractor and all trades involved with the renovation, executing the design in a timely manner.
    We will coordinate and line up all installation dates with your contractor to complete your project on time.
    As your advocate, I will do a final walk through with your contractor to be sure everything is done to our standards. We want you to LOVE your home when we are done and this is a very important step.